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For whom is the slogan generator?

  • for designers who need placeholder text (that stays until the end)
  • for project managers who are tired of waiting for the copywriter
  • for copywriters too lazy to write
  • for clients who want to check if they are being fed marketing clichés
  • for clients who actually want marketing clichés
  • for "agencies" that are selling websites built with wix

The generator works as expected. But without a fancy presentation, arcane strategies, endless iterations and absurd fees, the slogans just don't feel the same?

We are working on these features. Meanwhile, try the following workaround: tell your agency to use this slogan generator and to present and invoice as usual.

Who made this slogan generator?

People who worked in this industry for far too long.

What is corporate dadaism?

Corporate dadaism is the unintenionally nonsensical artform of the corporate world. Corporate dadaisms are recognized by a mixture of buzzwords, marketing clichés and generic phrases. At first glance, a corporate dadaism "somehow sounds good", but upon closer inspection it is utter nonsense. Corporate dadaisms make little strategic sense, are exchangeable and easily automated.

When can I use corporate dadaism?

  1. You have a product that is not special but will sell no matter what you do (oil, semiconductors, IT services)
  2. passing internal stakeholders is more important than outside perception
  3. you don't want to stand out or attract attention
  4. you don't have a strategy
  5. you don't have a good product
  6. you have something to hide and want to be as vague as possible

When should I avoid corporate dadaism?

  1. You have a product that is new or has unique properties that need to be communicated
  2. you cannot afford to sound like everyone else
  3. you have a strategy

Why is corporate dadaism so widespread?

  • Because corporate dadaist phrases are vague and nonsensical, they pass internal stakeholders more easily than precise statements with debatable content.
  • This led to a feedback loop: corporate dadaisms became more widespread, and many people now believe that this is how you are supposed to communicate.

Why does corporate dadaism exist?

Nonsense is a widespread phenomenon. Linguistically speaking, many statements we make every day are not about the content but conversation for its own sake (= phatic communications like "good morning", small talk). Group-think is very strong in human societies, and the corporate world is no exception.

Will corporate dadaism always exist?

A pushback comes from UX research: users detest "marketese", meaning a generic, promotional writing style with boastful subjective claims. Corporate dadaism is certainly part of this. As large companies catch on, they will eradicate corporate dadaism from their communications. Many already have, especially consumer-oriented technology companies. But there will always be strategic use for corporate dadaism. Greenwashing, genderwashing, diversity washing or blackwashing work even on reasonably intelligent people, so companies can hide behind these fads.

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